Superior SCADA

Superior SCADA

ENERCOMTEL is an official reseller of SCADA IDbox RT

As an official reseller of SCADA IDbox RT software, we implement, start-up and configure supervisory equipment and networks via IDbox RT system.

IDbox is a set of software components which allows supervision of industrial, energetic and smart processes. It integrates all available information sources, processes the captured signals and offers the tools for monitoring and analysis which is extremely helpful in operational decision making.

All the collected data is processed according to the defined business rules generating new values and new forms of display, providing increased and continuous business value. The goal is to have centralized information on a single platform available from mobile devices. Each user will have access to specific and personalized information which will help in better decision making and increase the company´s productivity.

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Enercomtel Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością [Limited Liability Company]
Entry in the District Court Poznań – Nowe Miasto i Wilda in Poznań,
8th Commercial Division of the National Court Registry

Share capital: PLN 60 000,

NIP [VAT NO.] PL 7822588595,
REGON [STATISTICAL NO.] 36209608600000

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mBank SA

PLN 24 1140 2004 0000 3602 7578 4120,
EUR 36 1140 2004 0000 3612 0391 1526,

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