Telecommunication systems

Telecommunication systems for wind and PV farms

We offer comprehensive telecommunication systems for private substations connected to the MV/110 kV and higher voltage Distribution network operator (DNO) and Transmission system operator (TSO).

Our supplies include construction design according to alignments with the client as well as the DNO and the TSO.

The systems offered ensure reliable transmission in DNP3.0, DNP3.0 overIP, IEC-101, IEC-103, IEC104, as well as other protocols and transmission media agreed with each client individually.

Our services include leased lines to ensure data transmission to the DNO together with all infrastructure required.

Telecommunication systems for the Distribution network operator

We offer comprehensive telecommunication systems for the MV/110 kV substations of all Distribution network operators.

Depending on the client’s requirements, our systems are designed and supplied based on synchronous-, asynchronous network solutions or the WAN backbone network.

We design, supply and start-up systems based on SDH/PDH multiplexers, OT network, MPLS-TP or IP-MPLS solutions together with implementation of the equipment in supervisory systems.

Telecommunication systems for the Transmission System Operator

We offer comprehensive telecommunication systems for the highest voltage substations of the Transmission System Operator (TSO). Our solutions are in line with the PSA S.A. technical standards; they meet all necessary standards and have all necessary attestations to operate in the National Power System.

Our systems include:

  • construction documentation and its acceptance
  • delivery and start-up of PABX and DECT voice communication systems
  • delivery and start-up of the local WAN BB node
  • construction and certification of LAN on site
  • construction and measurements of fiber-optic and copper networks including their terminations in protective and MDF panels
  • delivery and start-up of SDH tuple including their implementation in the supervisory- and umbrella systems
  • delivery, measurements and start-up of teleprotection cabinets
Telecommunication systems for generation units

We offer comprehensive telecommunication systems for power plants, CHP plants as well as Central Generation Units (CGU) and Non-Central Generation Units (CGU).

Our systems are in line with the PSA S.A. and the European NCER technical standards and meet the criteria of power supply redundancy, connections and logic of action in all its points. Each system enables basic and standby communication via fiber optic meeting the criteria of two independent channels.

Our systems enable secure communication in Mission-Critical systems thus ensuring user’s flexibility, in particular in terms of:

  • E1 G.703 transport to connect SOWE/WIRE from the CGU via SDH to supervisory systems of the Transmission network operator (TSO – PSE S.A.)
  • E1 G.703 transport to connect LFC node via SDH to supervisory systems of the Transmission network operator (TSO – PSE S.A.)
  • connecting meter cabinets via serial/TCP-IP communication to dispatch centers in CGU/nCGU or TSO/DSO
  • connecting DSO’ supervisory control system to CGU/nCGU DCS systems via V24 or RS485 serial communication
  • connecting POTS central PABX with two analogue a/b connectors – as telephone exchange taken from the PSE S.A.’s PABX central and E1-QSIG link with incoming and outgoing calls recording
Telecommunication systems based on MPLS-TP

We offer a smooth migration from networks based on SDH/PDH/SONET solutions to MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching).

Our solutions enable a gradual and seamless migration of the existing connections for MPLS protocols designed for optical and transport networks. MPLS-TP introduces Quality of service (QoS) and other mechanisms allowing to yet better manage the packets (e.g. Fast Reroute FRR). Additionally, MPLS-TP align with current networks based on various protocols, from Ethernet, through SONET/SDH to OTN.



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